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JB Psalm [feat. OBA] - My Unexpected is Now (Official Lyric video)

JB Psalm [feat. OBA] - My Unexpected is Now (Official Lyric video)

Janita Burke is preparing for unexpected blessings with the release of her second single My Unexpected Is Now.

Inspiration for the song came in the early morning hours of October 2, 2021.

“I heard the words ‘my unexpected is now’ followed shortly by a melody and the words for the song,” said Ms Burke, who performs under the name JB Psalm.

“Later that morning I was in prayer with some Nigerian sisters and one started to testify about unexpected financial blessings. Immediately following this prayer session, I received prophetic confirmation to write the song.”

She continued: “Every day throughout the week of this revelation, God showed me a rainbow. One day I saw three. The rainbow is a symbol that He gave to humanity that never again would He flood the Earth as in the days of Noah. That is a promise.”

Ms Burke immediately knew that the revelation was something she needed to act on right away.

“I had already been connected with an amazing Nigerian singer named Oba and her husband, Wale Adeyemi. We were in conversation about producing a song together,” she said. “On October 8 I shared the song with them, and they loved it and agreed to get to work recording it. They started recording in November and finished the song on December 15. It all moved very quickly, which served as more confirmation that this was in alignment with God’s plan.”

Oba Adeyemi, a gospel recording artist with One Hallelujah Records, has been making her mark on the Nigerian music scene. She has spent over two decades in the industry and was described by The Guardian in 2016 as “a soulful singer and songwriter". She is also the founder of Bamike OBA Mentoring Academy, a learning hub for creatives in the west African nation.

Mr Adeyemi produced the song alongside Ms Burke.

“I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to work with Oba and her husband. Her voice is beautiful and very distinctive,” the Bermudian songwriter said.

My Unexpected Is Now has a calypso-inspired and Caribbean worship musical style - something Ms Burke looks forward to sharing with her audience.

She started writing songs in February 2020 and has written more than 75 in the period since.

“I’m not a singer myself and I have no musical background, but God places these melodies and words in my spirit. I store the songs in my phone right now and share them with friends when inspired to.”

“This is the second single that I have been able to executive produce and the first single where I am featured with a spoken word introduction.”

Her first single, Stand Still, was released in 2021 in tribute to her friend, Sandy Young, who passed away in September 2020.

Ms Burke is excited to release her second single on Wednesday, just four months after receiving the original revelation in prayer.

“I’m trying to honour the Lord by releasing the song but also by sharing the message that has been inspired with it,” she said.

“I don’t think the timing is coincidental. Since receiving the inspiration I have been chronicling all of the unexpected blessings I have seen. What I know is that what seems unexpected for us is actually God’s timing - and that time is now. That’s really the message of the song.”

With all the changes that are taking place around the world, Ms Burke wants the words of her song to remind people that God is still in control of all things, even the unexpected.

“I’m hoping that people will be revived and reminded of God’s promises and faithfulness. If necessary, [I hope they are] reconnected with God and restored, repositioned and ridiculously blessed.

“I want this song to touch the corners of the earth and impact God’s people and draw others to know who He is.”

My Unexpected Is Now will be available to download on iTunes and Spotify on Wednesday. Look for JB Psalm on YouTube

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