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We make music that inspires.

About the EP

Embark on an exclusively original musical journey with Kairos XXII Productions' debut album, THIS IS THE TIME. Our extended play collection comprises eight meticulously crafted singles, including two timeless Christmas classics.

Featuring a diverse mix of Bermudian and international talents, the album unfolds a captivating blend of genres. THIS IS THE TIME encourages you to reflect on your unique blessings and talents, inspiring you to seize the present moment. Take a bold step forward, capitalize on the opportunities around you, and embrace the pursuit of something truly meaningful. Whether treating yourself or someone special, consider gifting the power of NOW with THIS IS THE TIME.

This is the Time Playlist Samples



About Kairos XXII Productions

At Kairos XXII Productions, we make music that will change people for the better.  Our aim is to produce music that will delight the ears, impact the heart and soothe the soul.  As part of this vision we seek to work with and promote the abundance of Bermudian talent (producers, musicians, songwriters, singers), and provide them with a platform to express their gifts and talents in excellence.

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